Connecting water asset information in the cloud

Replicating physical assets in the cloud at a water treatment site was key to expedite collaborative construction planning and with embedded asset data.

The challenge
A water utility needed to increase visibility of real-time water asset information in a format that enabled them to consider their projects more broadly. They wanted to utilise the latest data-capture techniques to minimise information gaps and adopt a virtual model of the physical system.

Our response
In response, we implemented GHD Digital Twinning Online (DTO), a low-cost, high-speed collaboration platform that provides infrastructure asset information in real-time.

This platform utilises the latest reality capture techniques (photogrammetry and point cloud through drone/LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) survey), supplemented with existing 3D models and BIM (Building Information Modelling) data, to enable visualisation and interrogation of existing and proposed assets.

Our client’s supplier data, historical documents, live CCTV feeds, maintenance records, and maintenance guidance videos are now embedded in a virtual environment where access is available in a matter of seconds via a digital device.

The impact
Our client and its contractors can use functionalities within the GHD DTO platform for pre-construction planning for future works. Data is linked from multiple sources, and everything is available through our secure, cloud-based platform. This enables rapid, informed decision-making.

The solution has dramatically reduced the cost of digitising existing assets. It is mitigating the creation of BIM models and reducing the number of site visits required.