Using drone photogrammetry to speed up site evaluation and investigation

Unifying location and asset data into one intelligent platform for better community outcomes.

The Challenge
Our water utility client had hundreds of sites scattered across a large geographic area. The data associated with each site was held in multiple locations, and not easily accessible to relevant stakeholders.

Our client’s teams and contractors were visiting each site to assess the scope of works for new projects, which consumed valuable time, costs and carbon.

Our Response
As part of a water treatment facility improvement program, we undertook topographical surveys using drones and photogrammetry which provided access to virtual pre-construction planning insights to the team during COVID-19 restrictions.

To achieve this, we implemented GHD Digital Twinning Online (DTO), a high-value, high-speed collaboration platform that provides infrastructure asset information in real-time.

Through BIM (Building Information Modelling), photogrammetry and LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging), data from all site locations were captured and embedded to the GHD DTO platform for rapid access by the team. With embedded borehole and trial hole data, measuring tools can rapidly establish length, area, perimeter, coordinates, vertical height and slope.

Supply chain investigation planning can proceed without impacting operations and landowners.

The Impact
Facilitating hundreds of site visits is no longer necessary. The information that would normally need on-site collection, can be found by interrogating the virtual site. This reduces risk and saves time. Stakeholders can conduct remote meetings on the platform to discuss potential solutions, difficulties and impacts on the community.

Each site can be used for pre-construction and maintenance planning. By incorporating drone photogrammetry (visualised though the platform), we were able to speed up site evaluation, optioneering and site investigation. Our client has realised the potential for expansion across its sites with scalable infrastructure available.